Clinical Trial Suite

Real-time Data Collection and Analytics Reduces the Uncertainty of Clinical Trial Operations

Finding the right candidates for a clinical trial should be a simple first step in drug development, but missing and unusable patient data, even within Electronic Medical Records (EMR), can turn this into a serious hurdle.

N-Power’s solution integrates diverse data sources, establishes standardization through the Kaleido™ Registry, and ensures data quality, enabling clinics to efficiently manage practices and streamline research processes.

Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment and Enrollment

Through built for purpose data collection and curation strategies, N-Power enables real-time comprehensive clinical trial pre-screening.

Our real-time prospective registry ensures timely patient identification at crucial stages of their journeys, optimizing trial eligibility assessments, patient enrollment, and trial management while enabling informed decision-making.

Comprehensive Clinical Trial Support

N-Power supports trial implementation with support for site feasibility, trial start-up assistance, and patient pre-screening, contributing to the success of clinical trials. N-Power also supplies expert virtual and in-person staff to support clinical trial implementation, expediting recruitment and enrollment while maintaining precise data entry standards.

The N-Power Clinical Trial Process

Clinical Insights Collection

Our proprietary Kaleido Registry contains high-quality prospective data, collected at the point-of-care, that exceeds what is available in the EHR.

Systematic Patient Identification

Unbiased pre-screening across all patients uses data from Kaleido to find the right patients at the right time for trial participation.

Tech-Enabled Staffing Support

On-site and virtual staff help manage administrative tasks, relieving site staff burdens and allowing for greater capacity for clinical research during patient care.