Partner with N-Power to Build the Future of Clinical Trials

Unlock a new kind of clinical trial site and facilitate faster, more predictable drug development with N-Power. With unparalleled research capabilities and understanding of common pharmaceutical pain points, N-Power can help better identify and seize opportunities that get new drugs to market quickly and reliably.

N-Power Streamlines Clinical Operations While Improving Visibility and Insights for Pharma

Enhance Data Collection and Quality

Comprehensive data capture of all patients at the point of care improves baseline understanding and reduces missing data relevant for drug development. Novel data collected can be used to refine target populations, validate biomarkers, and establish new endpoints for research.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Real-time standardized datasets streamline feasibility assessments, optimize site selection, and minimize trial startup costs. N-Power also provides highly trained staff to support clinical trial implementation, which can accelerate recruitment and enrollment times and ensure high-quality data entry.

Gain Insights Needed to Improve Trial Predictability and Decision Making

By leveraging N-Power’s robust data collection and analytics capabilities, biopharma firms can utilize data from purpose-built Kaleido™ Registry cohorts to refine trial design, optimize patient selection, and make development decisions with greater confidence.