Patient Advocacy Groups

Improving Patient Experiences and Outcomes

Clinical trials are conducted to test new therapies that have potential to help patients first and foremost. We value our partnerships with patient advocacy groups, who help ensure clinical trial participants are being treated with the care they deserve. Our commitment to these collaborations will help enhance patient access to more inclusive and effective clinical trials.

N-Power Supports Clinical Trial Patient Advocacy Groups

Increase Patient Education and Engagement

The clinical trial process isn’t always clear to patients, and that lack of clarity can prevent patients from enrolling in potentially life-changing trials. We strive to change this by partnering with patient advocacy groups and advancing patient awareness of how clinical trials work and how patients can get involved with suitable trials.

Expand Trial Access and Inclusivity

We don’t just recognize the importance of diverse clinical trials; we proactively address the barriers to enable more inclusive clinical trials. Our data-driven approach to patient screening keeps underrepresented groups from falling through the cracks, enabling more inclusive and effective clinical research.

Amplify Patient Voices

Maintaining awareness of how patients are feeling throughout a trial is important, not only in gauging efficacy, but to make sure patients are receiving the care they need while they are enrolled. We work with our patient advocacy partners to make sure no patient goes unheard during the clinical trial process.