Data Generation Suite

Leverage Data and Analytics to Drive Innovation and Efficiency in Drug Development

The N-Power platform enables comprehensive data collection and analysis, with a focus on capturing critical patient information that is not available in Electronic Medical Records (EMR) today. This data is standardized and used to refine patient cohorts, identify biomarkers, and validate clinical endpoints, supporting precise decision-making in research. N-Power’s analytics provide real-time insights into patient populations, clinical trial feasibility, and operational performance.

Capture more accurate, relevant, and actionable data through technology solutions to enable better cohort development for evidence generation during or outside of trials. Combined with the Clinical Trial Suite, these solutions can provide data simultaneously from patients enrolled in clinical trials and those not enrolled from the same sites, for powerfully informative insights.

Human-in-the-Loop Platform Provides Built-In Quality Control and Allows for Collection of Standardized and Novel Data

N-Power provides on-site and virtual staff to support implementation of the Kaleido™ Registry, simultaneously alleviating site burden in routine care while enabling collection of standardized, high-quality data for use in drug development.

Improve Your Data Generation With:

Data Fit for Your Needs

Novel data is organized to ensure completeness and assist in cohort development and evidence generation.

Advanced Data Analytics

N-Power helps you understand available data within the context of drug development while standardizing it for maximum usability and compliance.

Tech-Enabled Staffing Support

By working in sync with oncology clinics, our staff can help ensure data collection models are implemented accurately and seamlessly.