Partnering with Oncologists to Unlock the Potential of Clinical Trials

Drug development takes too long. It can take 10 years1 to bring a drug to market and make its way through to the patients who need it. The challenges are multifactorial and can’t be addressed with point solutions. A new system-level model approach is needed.

Partnering with Oncologists to Unlock the Potential of Clinical Data

Routine data has the potential to transform research by tapping into critical insights from the 95% of patients not in trials. However, current real-world data (RWD) are suboptimal for drug development – opportunistically generated, incomplete, and retrospective. This limits comparisons with prospective clinical trials, even with AI, due to inconsistent and poor-quality source data.

Contemporary, standardized data is essential to inform clinical trial design, execution and interpretation and development decision-making.

N-Power Medicine’s purpose-built clinical trial platform empowers practices and biopharma companies with comprehensive solutions that increase research capacity and the availability of standardized routine care data for use in oncology drug development.

Gain Insights from the 95% of Cancer Patients Not in Trials

The N-Power Platform accelerates drug development through standardized data collection, innovative technology, and expert staffing support.

Real-time Kaleido™ Registry

ensuring data meets clinical research standards.

Innovative technology

enabling point of care data collection and analysis.

On-site and virtual staff

enhancing routine care and clinical research operations.

Addressing the Challenges to Make Clinical Trials a Reality for More Clinicians and Patients

See the N-Power Difference

Oncology Clinics

Enable oncology practices to become high-performing clinical trial centers.

Biopharma Companies

Improve operational efficiency and generate unique data to inform and accelerate development.

Patient Advocacy Groups

Increase patient engagement and education for inclusive and effective research.


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