Who We Are

  • N-Power Medicine, a venture-backed startup, aims to transform clinical trials by reinventing the ‘how’
  • We are empowering oncology sites to become high-performing clinical trial centers by providing resources and staff to increase the efficiency of the practice for all patients
  • We conduct clinical trials leveraging a Clinical Research Network equipped with the N-Power Platform and highly qualified staff to identify the right patient at the right time to facilitate faster and more inclusive studies

Our End-to-End Platform Consists of Three Foundational Components:

The Kaleido™ Registry supports the collection of prospective standardized routine care data from consented patients. Data will inform how eligibility criteria may impact diversity and practice-level data will assist with the design of local solutions to support broad patient participation.

A point of care technology solution that provides secure, timely access to patient data while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and maintaining high quality standards.

Onsite and virtual staff embedded in the clinic to support both physicians and research staff in optimizing efficiency and reducing their workload.


We’re a dedicated and diverse group of professionals who are passionate about what we do. We come from different backgrounds and possess a wide range of skills and experiences, but we all share a common and meaningful goal: to accelerate the drug development process by efficiently and effectively enrolling diverse patients that can help bring life-saving treatments and innovations to patients faster.